Flow Control Packer (FCP)

Flow Control Packer FCP The simplest method allowing basic unmanned and unmonitored control of the injection process is to employ a pneumatic packer at the bottom of the injection column or simply suspended into the bore casing.

The packer is inflated with air or nitrogen to a specific pressure such that injection pressure by means of the gas compressibility automatically inflates and deflates the packer to control the injection pressure and thus injection flow rate.  This system does not allow manual operation of the down hole valve or control of specific injection flow rates.  It simply maintains a given injection head pressure by varying the injection flow rate.

If the injection head is not sufficient, the packer will remain fully inflated allowing no injection flow.  When the injection head increases due to water supply etc, the head pressure on the packer builds and automatically compresses the inflation gas causing the packer to partially deflate.  The amount of head pressure in the system will determine the amount of packer deflation and hence injection flowrate.  When the injection head falls, the packer will automatically start to re-inflate dropping the injection flow rate to maintain the minimum required column head.