Polymer Patch

Bore Screen Repair The AGE Developments Polymer Patch has been specifically designed as an alternative remediation method for localised holes that have been produced in screened or cased sections of a bore.

When pumping equipment has as low clearance fit inside the screens, the slight diameter reduction produced by an AGE Swage Patch is not always an option. AGE Polymer Patches are extruded into the damaged section in a liquid state and are left to harden in-situ. Because the liquid is allowed to fully mould into the damaged area being patched, the resulting repair has a zero or near zero reduction in internal diameter.

The system is ideally suited to the repair of damaged screens where the pump or column has failed and a jetted hole has resulted. Here the patch can completely mould into the screen wire and formation. Each patch is individually tailored to its application however typical patch length is around 300mm as opposed to typical swage patch lengths of around 1000mm. When set in damaged screens, minimal water production area loss is achieved resulting in greater residual yields.

If you are experiencing sand erosion or similar, contact AGE Developments to arrange a CCTV Camera inspection and determine if a suitable remediation method can be recommended.