Installation & Removal

Inflatable Grab Packer The AGE Inflatable Grab Packer System is primarily used for the installation and removal of gravel-packed water bore screens and for fishing operations.

For screen installation, it provides a superior alternative to the traditional J-latch method as it positively engages a gripping force without a reliance on gravitational force to lock in. It also requires no modifications to the downhole equipment such as the bar or ‘J’ cut out as required by the J-latch method. J-Latches have been known to be particularly problematic when telescoping screens into FRP casing due to the wound construction of the walls. When the screens are sealed into the FRP with K-rubbers, the interference with the walls during run-in causes the screens to rotate. This scenario has been known to cause the J-latch mechanism to disengage from the bar attached to the screens. As the rubber begins to wear, the friction due to interference lowers and the screens will drop to the bottom of the hole which can cause major damage to both the screens and the bore.

Another non-ideal method for screen installation is using a left-hand threaded back-off screen installation sub, which poses the risk of rotational screen damage if there are problems backing off in-situ. The absence of a back-off sub at the top of the screens allows them to instead be run with an AGE M-packer above. These feature a lead-in guiding the casing diameter down to the screen diameter which helps to avoid hang-ups during future operations involving running into the screens.

AGE Inflatable Grab Packers comprise an inflatable packer element overlaid with gritted longitudinal steel grip strips, providing a high-friction gripping action spread over a large area. This unique combination allows for tremendous tensional loads to be applied to even the most delicate of casings such as those made from FRP and PVC, without resultant damage. The advantages in this system are not only the significantly increased reliability during run in and disengagement, but also the greater flexibility in equipment requirements and possibilities downhole.