CCTV Borehole Inspections

CCTV Bore Inspection Through our many years of experience servicing the industry, the importance of mobile, robust and high quality CCTV camera equipment has become apparent. Whether the requirement is for bore diagnostics, fishing, installation, or to verify construction details, a clear video is crucial in order to proceed with confidence.

With a lack of adequate off the shelf units available, AGE has set about developing a fleet of fully equipped, purpose built camera vehicles and other transportable units. We currently have 7 such vehicles and 3 transportable units strategically stationed around Australia to service any industry. In addition to our custom built units, we also have 14 hand-held units available for wet or dry hire.

In open-hole applications, video inspection enables examination of stratification, faults, fractures, joints, fissures and drilling wash-outs as well as areas of high water production. Inspections within cased bores can readily identify areas of sand infiltration, screen encrustation and clogging, and breaches in the casing. AGE Developments' video logging system offers all these potential benefits together with AGE's well known enthusiasm, attention to detail, service and 100% support for each and every job.

Part of our CCTV inspection service is to provide a digital copy of the inspection, a comprehensive video analysis and, if required, a report detailing our interpretation and suggestions regarding the down hole vision. We can then develop custom design solutions to meet your needs based on our findings. We are uniquely placed to provide a complete service from analysis, through design, manufacture, implementation and finally commissioning - we are equipped to truly handle your job from start to finish.

Anybody can put a camera down a hole, however with our combination of experienced technicians, state of the art technology and vast experience with clarifying silty and murky water, we can provide you with the best possible view of your bore.

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Our Fleet

Our extensive CCTV range includes:

AGE Custom Built Camera Vehicles

  • Stationed Australia wide
  • 1000m and 2000m depth capability
  • 180° tilt and 360° camera head rotation
  • 70mm to 10m hole diameter capabilities
  • Full colour
  • Text and depth video overlay
  • Wet hire only

AGE Custom Built Transportable Camera Units

  • 1000m depth capability
  • 180° tilt and 360° camera head rotation
  • 70mm to 10m hole diameter capabilitie
  • Full colour
  • Text and depth video overlay
  • Wet hire only

See-Snake Handheld Units

  • 120m depth capability
  • Forward facing only
  • 35mm head
  • Full colour
  • Wet or dry hire

Pearpoint Intrinsically Safe Handheld Units

  • Rated safe for use in zone 0 areas
  • 60m depth capability
  • Full colour
  • Wet or dry hire

Laval Handheld Units

  • 300m depth capability
  • Forward / side facing image toggle
  • Full colour
  • Wet or dry hire

Hitwell V.S.A.S High Temperature Handheld Unit

  • Operating temperatures from -35 to 260° C
  • Operating pressure up to 10,000psi
  • Black and white
  • Wet or dry hire


  • 3.6m length
  • 8mm head diameter
  • Pan & tilt capacity
  • Full colour

Custom Solutions

  • CCTV Rover
  • High Temperature Sheath

We have an extensive history of providing clients with CCTV solutions to fit their individual requirements. Whether you require dry hire of a simple portable unit to look in a domestic bore, or you need assistance in diagnosing, locating and fixing issues thousands of metres underground, contact us to discuss the available options.

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