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Bore high pressure jet clean AGE Developments offers various bore cleaning services to cater for different symptoms with proven techniques to clean and remediate even the most deteriorated bores.

Bore owners frequently contact AGE Developments in the belief that their bore is corroded out as they are experiencing the production of sand and silt. Often these problems are not occurring due to corrosion or any mechanical damage, but due to bacteria, calcification and mineralized deposit encrustation of the screened apertures.

These deposits have the effect of reducing the open area of the screened section within the bore. Thus to develop the original yield of water through the fouled screens, the water velocity is increased due to the reduced open area available. The increased velocity entrains sand and silts that previously were not present in the pumped water.

High Pressure (HP) Jetting is an effective means of removing fouling material from within the screened apertures. More importantly however, it also cleans, removes fouling and develops the natural gravel pack and aquifer outside of the screened apertures ensuring a more effective and longer lasting clean out.

After the cleaning process and chemical treatment (where biofouling is an issue) of the aquifer outside the screened aperture, the production velocity through the screens is reduced and thus the sand or silt problem is solved. Often the yield of the bore will be improved over the yield seen when the bore was new as the aquifer has now been properly developed over the entire screened length.

Of course if the initial CCTV camera inspection and subsequent cleaning reveal mechanical or corroded damage within the bore casing, AGE is uniquely placed to offer swage patch, swage reline or polymer patching remedial options to raise your bore up to and exceeding original construction integrity and performance.

Following any cleaning or remedial work, AGE staff will conduct a CCTV camera inspection to visually confirm the success of the work carried out to provide 100% confirmation.

Contact AGE Developments for more information or to discuss your particular bore symptoms.

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