FRP & GRE Casing Crossovers

AGE Developments provide custom manufactured FRP and GRE casing crossovers for professional well completion. Casing crossovers are available for all sizes in either a stainless steel machined form or as a stainless steel bonded joint.

Machined FRP Casing Crossovers

Machined crossovers are custom-manufactured from stainless steel material, and provide a direct screwed or wire rope spigot joint to adapt directly to the FRP or GRE casing.


Bonded FRP Casing Crossovers

Bonded Crossovers are custom-manufactured using one joint of the relevant casing, cut in half to facilitate the bonding of stainless steel casing stubs. These stainless steel stubs are usually provided with weld preparation connection, but AGE Developments can also cater to specific well requirements such as flanges, float shoes and more.