Bridge Plugs

Inflatable Bridge Plug Bridge plugs are used to create a temporary or permanent barrier in a bore to seal off a chosen section downhole. In water bore applications they are typically employed to block off unwanted water flow from an aquifer that has been encountered, or to assist with the abandonment of an old bore.

Typically, an AGE inflatable bridge plug is run in on drill pipe to the required zone in the bore. The plug is then inflated with water to high pressure via the drill string to lock into the casing or open hole. When satisfied with the setting, the string can be disconnected from the plug through either a left-hand back off sub or a direct shear sub. The inflation pressure is locked into the plug through check valves which are incorporated into the inlet pipework.

For bore abandonment, grout can be placed on top of the plug after inflation to permanently block off the bore. AGE also manufactures plugs that incorporate deflation retrieval systems that can be used when only a temporary isolation is required.

AGE bridge plugs are available in a variety of lengths, diameters and configurations to suit your specific requirements. We also produce bridge plugs suitable for running on hose, poly pipe and even wireline systems. Each plugging program is carefully considered to match the specific conditions and requirements of the bore, ensuring the most appropriate solution is selected.