Bore Stimulation and Testing

AGE Developments manufactures and operates a range of bore stimulation and testing equipment systems.

Standard off-the-shelf systems are widely adopted by industry personnel, however custom packages can be developed and manufactured upon request.

Hydro-frac Packers

Hydraulic Fracturing (or hydro-fracking) is a method of stimulating and improving the yield of a water bore through the injection of high pressure water into the formation. This causes fractures in the rock to open up, which allows a greater flow of water to pass through the surrounding zone into the bore.


DST Packer Equipment

Water bore Drill Stem Testing (DST) is a method of selectively surveying isolated portions of a bore after it has been drilled. By performing water quality and yield tests over discrete intervals in the bore, one can determine how best to proceed with the design of the screened intervals. This allows the exclusion of production from aquifers of poor water quality and maximum utilisation from those which exhibit a high quality.