Aquifer Storage and Recovery Valve (ASR)

Bore Site Services The AGE ASR valve is the ultimate in injection control that also allows aquifer fluids to be injected or pumped to meet either production requirements or to back flush where an injection bore is susceptible to regular fouling due to mineralised deposits forming within the bore causing clogging issues.

The ASR valve is controlled by the same surface control system (SCS) and allows the same user functionality of the FCV system with the addition of the recovery or back flush cycle.  In this mode of operation, the annular ASR valve is modulated fully closed and aquifer fluids are pumped through the valve by means of a submersible pump installed below the ASR valve.

ASR Injection Valve To return to injection mode, the pump is stopped and the SCS is returned to injection mode modulating the ASR valve according to the set parameters.

Injection is accommodated by means of radial injection ports that are specifically shaped to obtain proportional control of injection flow rates.  Injected water is then deflected downwards by the injection shroud ensuring that erosion of bore casing does not result.

Aquifer Storage Recovery Valve