AGE Torque Arrestor Systems

Torque Arrestor Packer The AGE Torque Arrestor System was developed by AGE following numerous CCTV camera inspections of damaged wells, completed with submersible pumps installed on 'Lay-flat' hose and fishing of pumps installed on threaded riser columns.

The AGE Torque Arrestor System is installed between the pump discharge and the riser column. It bolts directly to the pump discharge and connects to the riser column, providing a soft anchor point capable of handling the submersible motor torque and anchoring the down-hole equipment from “Lay-flat” hose stretch. This unique system protects both the well and pumping equipment from damage at start-up and shut-down.

AGE Torque Arrestor systems are created to suit a variety of systems and applications. Contact AGE Developments for more information relative to your situation.

Download Torque Arrestor flyer here.