Casing Grouting Systems

External Casing Packers (ECP)

External Casing Packer ECP These packers are built with a large internal diameter, allowing them to be slipped onto a casing joint and secured using a high strength, filled epoxy resin. This design provides a means of installing a casing packer without welding or threading. Best of all, the customer supplies the casing, retaining ultimate control over the quality of this all-important well component. Packers are normally inflated by means of a small bore control tube run on the outside of the casing, so there's no holes in the casing due to port collars or the like.

Owing to the usual application for these packers being shallow gas isolation, operating pressures are generally kept below 500 psi. Normally, a fixed-end packer design is employed to simplify construction, while still providing a high integrity sealing system. Sliding end packer design is sometimes employed where large expansion or higher differential pressure capacities are required. For example, one of the 13 3/8" casing packers we manufacture in this style is designed to be set in a 32" I.D. conductor whilst its run in size is less than 16” O.D.

Inflate-on Casing Packer

This innovative packer design combines a traditional, externally-inflating packer with an internally inflating packer, similar to those usually employed for grouting on platform pile skirts. The combination provides a casing annulus packer that may be retro-fitted to overcome such problems as shallow gas seepage, or used as a cementing aid. The packer is installed by sliding over a previously grouted casing using wire rope. When at the required depth, both packers may be inflated. The internal one seals the packer to casing annulus and the external one seals the remainder of the casing annulus.

Inflation is from the surface, via small bore control tubes. Maximum inflation pressures of up to 1000 psi are available with this style of packer. Pressure rating principally depends on the internal element inflation distance - the amount the internal element must move in order to seal on the casing. Sizes up to 72" diameter are presently available. The minimum annulus size required to accommodate this style of packer is approximately 2" depending on required differential pressure rating.

Internal Casing Packer (ICP)

AGE Internal Casing Packers are designed to seal off and pressurize the internals of casing, whilst grouting to avoid casing collapse from grout pressures.

The internal packers are run and inflated below mud line after stabbing into the grout shoe. The packer and the stab-in grout shoe form a hydraulic lock with the mud, avoiding casing collapse from heavy grout in the external annulus.

AGE Internal Casing Packers are available in several standard sizes with more available upon request.