Pilbara Pump Fish

AGE Developments has a wealth of down hole fishing success due to its highly skilled team, ever improving fishing tools and real time CCTV camera equipment.


A Pilbara mine site approached AGE to retrieve a pump assembly lost down hole, during an attempted pump removal. Pump assembly included a 9 ½” pump and 10” shroud supported by 6” layflat pump column with multiple 32mm poly lines, dip tape and associated electrical cables. The bore is constructed of 12” slotted steel casing to a total depth of 128 metres


During the pump removal, the mine site advised the pump became wedged and 10 Ton axial loads were exerted to try and free the pump but subsequently caused the layflat to fail at the clamp and the pump assembly dropped down hole.


An initial CCTV camera inspection was performed to inspect the condition of the bore and to understand what had happened during pump removal. The inspection showed the layflat had snapped at 12 metres depth and was slumped to the side of the bore casing.


“We never fish blind”, our CCTV equipment has the capacity to see the fish in real time whilst carrying out operations. Using specialised hooks and hydraulically actuated arms, AGE was able to successfully fish 162 metres of poly hose, three transducer cables and a roll of dip tape sitting within the bore above the pump.


The AGE inflatable grab packer with custom specialised tooling was used to retrieve the pump assembly. The grab packer is able to provide gentle gripping forces within the layflat, whilst also being capable of high tensional loads used to free the pump from the casing. The pump assembly was successfully brought to surface exposing the pump to be tightly wrapped in poly hose and electrical cables. A final CCTV camera inspection was conducted to confirm all items within the bore were retrieved. This operation took a total period of 3 days on-site.


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