Apache Energy Friction Clamp

Casing friction clamp testing In early 2013, Apache Energy approached AGE Developments looking for friction type casing clamps to suit 3 1/2" and 5 1/2" casing strings at short notice.

The requirement was to pull a 5 ½” casing string and rack back with a 3 1/2" casing inner-string insitu - the difficulty being that the casing was to be handled on an active offshore rig. This significantly tightened the specifications as there was limited access and mobility and no welding or hot cutting could be applied to the casing. Additionally, the clamp sets needed to handle load in both directions due to handling constraints.

The request was received on a Friday afternoon, and whilst no equipment was available ex-stock, AGE offered to design, manufacture and load test a set of custom clamps within the required 4 day turnaround timeframe. Apache accepted the proposal and the process commenced immediately.

Casing Friction Clamp A concept was sketched out and upon client approval, was rapidly and thoroughly honed to the final design for manufacture. During the 4 day timeframe, AGE had to design, produce drawings, source materials, machine, heat treat, assemble, load test and develop procedures.

The design comprised a hinged double bowl sandwiching an array of segmented heat treated slip inserts. It was secured with a pin and handled with suitably rated off-the-shelf swivel lifting fixtures and custom length wire rope slings. Two sets of each clamp were manufactured to provide a backup set; a common requirement for offshore equipment. Upon completion, both sets of clamps were NATA load tested to 20,000lbs and certified to 10,000lbs per the customer’s requirements.

The clamps were subsequently dispatched to the field and performed the desired operations without fault.

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