Video Gallery

Large Diameter Raise Bore / Vent Shaft Inspection

AGE Developments has recently developed a high lux level downhole camera light module specifically designed to illuminate large diameter Raise Bore / Vent shafts in difficult lighting conditions.  The developed light source results in clearer images and greater definition of rock features within large diameter open hole situations as seen in the attached 4.2m diameter shaft inspection recently conducted.


Fishing Services

AGE Developments conducts specialised fishing services to recover dropped pumps, rods strings, cables, rocks, spanners and even mobile phones from within boreholes.  Utilising our CCTV camera inspection services coupled with custom manufactured hydraulic fishing tools results in rapid recovery of even the most unusual items.

The attached videos show large diameter rocks and dropped pumps being recovered with the aid of hydraulic claw fishing tools.


Polymer Patching

Polymer Patching is used to remediate damaged screens typically seen when a submersible pump is installed within the screened bore interval as shown at 46.1m in the attached video.  The Polymer Patch results in minimal loss of internal diameter and a loss of only 300mm length of screened interval.


Swage Patching

Swage Patching is used to remediate localised damage within a bore.  The attached video shows damaged caused by drill pipe rotating against the fibreglass bore casing wall.  A stainless steel and vulcanised rubber swage patch in installed and expanded radially to cover the damaged section and reinstate the integrity of the bore casing with minimal loss on internal diameter.


Bore Reline

Bore Reline is similar to Swage Patching however large sections of the bore are relined with stainless steel and vulcanised rubber patches.  This method is employed where the original bore casing is corroded or degraded.  The reline material is installed and expanded radially to result in minimal internal diameter loss.


Paste Fill Bore Inspection

Paste Fill Borehole Inspections are carried out to assess condition of the casing and to confirm any leaks.  The attached inspection shows a vertically worn slot in the paste casing. 

Bore Cleaning

Bore Cleaning processes vary from bore to bore dependent on the fouling material.

In the attached inspection heavy bacterial deposits were found within the screened interval of the bore.  Brushing and dual tube airlifting cleaning processes were employed to remove the deposits before reinspection.  Following the reinspection process, chemical treatment of the bore is undertaken to disinfect any remaining bacteria the mechanical cleaning process is unable to removed.