About Us

AGE PremisesAGE Developments Pty. Ltd. is a Perth-based company dedicated to servicing the onshore, offshore water, oil, gas, mining and geotechnical investigations industries. The company was founded in 1985 by Adriano Giacomel, on the philosophy of providing a complete design, manufacturing and operating service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"We specialise in providing innovative solutions to difficult and unusual problems."

By applying enthusiasm, ingenuity and expertise, AGE has consistently produced innovative, fast-tracked and cost-effective solutions to a broad range of industry problems. We maintain modern manufacturing and research premises in Perth, Western Australia. Fully equipped to handle all facets of our industry, these facilities are staffed by experienced, highly-qualified personnel.

AGE has acquired a reputation for exceeding client expectations in all areas, from design through to manufacture and implementation. Our specialist products are available for sale or hire. Alternatively, our highly-trained technicians can provide on-site installation services and technical advice.

The extensive range of products and services offered by AGE Developments includes, but is not limited to:

  • Casing Packers
  • Grout Packers
  • AGE Slipover Packers
  • AGE 'M' Packers
  • Wireline Packers
  • SWiPS Packers
  • Impression Packers
  • Hydro-Frac Packers
  • Straddle Packers
  • Sample Packers
  • Monitoring Packers
  • One-Shot Grouting Systems
  • Riserless Pump Systems
  • AGE Swage Patches
  • Complete Bore Relining
  • Grout Valves
  • Float Shoes
  • Wash-Down Shoes
  • Abandonment Plugs
  • Fishing Tools
  • Custom Testing Equipment
  • NATA Accredited Pressure Testing
  • CCTV Bore Inspections
  • Complete Bore Design & Manufacturing Service

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